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Keep in Touch With Santa!

Welcome to Santa’s Mail Room!  Here you can:

  • Sign up to receive Santa’s newsletter, the North Pole News
  • Send a personal e-mail to Santa and get one back
  • Write a personal letter to Santa and he will respond by mail

Send an Email to Santa

Use the form below to create your email message to Santa.

NOTE:  To be sure Santa gets your email, use a WEB-BASED email service like Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud or Yahoo. School email services will usually BLOCK emails sent to Santa Claus.

  • Dear Santa,

  • My first name is
  • and my email address is
  • I am
  • years old and live in the city of
  • which is in the country of
  • The top 3 things I want for Christmas this year are
  • and also
  • I have
  • siblings whose names are
  • One example of how I've practiced kindness this year is
  • One thing I'd really like to tell you is

Mail a Letter to Santa


1)  Hand-write a real letter to Santa at the North Pole from anywhere in the world.  Be sure to include your return address at the top of your letter if you’d like to get a reply  by mail.

2)  Attach a postage stamp.  No stamp required if mailed in Canada.

3)  Address your letter to:

Santa Claus
North Pole,  HOH OHO

4)  Drop your letter in a mailbox.  Ask a grown-up to tell you what a mailbox is and where you can find one.  Mail by December 10 to give Santa time to reply before Christmas.

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